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Flip Flops

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Welcome To Landfill Dzine Upcycled Fliplops

Recycled Flip Flops With A Twist

Flip Flops might be the most basic footwear around but they do have a long history. Citizens of ancient Egypt have long been wearing sandals resembling the leisure foot gear. Really, who will dare dispute how comfortable flip-flops are? We're sure they recycled theirs too!

Upcycled Flip Flops Are Eco Consciousness In Motion

With your convenience and saving the planet in mind, Landfill Dzine released a collection of upcycle (recycled) flip-flops for you and the whole family. It's a wonderful way to show environmental consciousness at work and for your kids, letting them have fun in comfortable, reliable and durable upcycled material. Starting at $20, we are positive you can feel good about keeping waste out of landfills. Try one for yourself and see the upcycled difference!