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About Us




How Landfill Dzine Fashioned Change

 511.jpgThere are those who see problems, and those who see solutions. Landfill Dzine has been steadily working to fashion change, and the journey has tested the team’s tenacity, and creative abilities. When husband and wife duo, Josh and Heather Carpenter survey their line of sleek, upcycled selections, they see every step of the challenging journey that has led to this point.


Landfill Dzine’s creations blends the best of the urban American fashion trends by using fresh new and bold colors, creating an eco-friendly and fashionably chic items.


The Landfilldzine customer is someone that's not afraid to try something new, someone who cares about the environment, and has an adventurous flair for fashion. A person that appreciates a brand that is making a difference from fields to fashion.


"Ask me about my dirty hose, Layflat", is one of the humorous and slogans Landfill Dzine uses to grab attention to its brand and mission. Each product from the Landfilldzine line is an exclusive one-of-a-kind item. Made using discarded old irrigation hoses from fields in California.  Each product incorporates pieces of up-cycled layflat irrigation hose.  These hoses once irrigated many of the fruits and vegetables that we consume today. The hoses are sunbaked, weathered, as well as colorful and bright. Each hose has a distinct look and feel to it depending on how long it was used for, or which crop it irrigated.  This brings uniqueness to the hose that we are incorporate into our products, making them are all one of a kind. The used hose was once headed straight to the landfills to sit for years and rot away, now these hoses have been given a second chance to shine. Each item tells a unique story with an adventurous flair.


A Landfilldzine item brings out the best of intrigue, innuendo and inspiration in every piece it creates.


Don't just layflat! Help us make a different.




“Saving the Planet one Dzine at a Time”™





 Thank you for supporting our efforts in using reclaimed irrigation hoses that we diverted from landfills in California. You are purchasing our products knowing these hoses were once used in the fields of California to irrigate crops. All of our products will NOT look the same because these hoses were once used.

Please remember the way these hoses were manufactured makes them un-recyclable (Rubber, poly and nylon fibers all woven and blended together).

Please note the following may apply:

  • The material might look discolored (dark shots, light shots, different patterns, might have print/writing, might look used)
  • The material will look like cotton fibers are showing on the sides (it will look like it’s stringing, fraying etc. this is normal


A Re-purpose Driven Life: