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Bamboo Collection

categorybamboo.jpgBuy a bamboo bag, support a working family in need in addition to helping save the environment.

Landfilldzine is in business to save unrecyclable material from the landfill. For the bamboo collection we have partnered with a company in Vietnam that participates in the Fair Trade Program. For every bag sold $10 is going back to a family in need to support their handcraft trade.

Fair Trade Principles

We truly believe in the principles of the fair trade program, investing in artisans’ social welfare, guaranteeing fair wages, worker safety and care of the environment.

A Global Collaboration Is Acheived

Vietnam is comprised of ethnic hill tribal peoples. Living in rural, hilly and mountainous areas, these hill tribes have little access to markets. We feel our material and their skills are a perfect match.

Bamboo Collection

We chose to make these bags focusing on an agricultural influence that encompasses the fields of California with the fields of Vietnam. Together we have created fabulous handmade bamboo bags. These bags are comprised of bamboo and hand-woven straw materials from Vietnam and unrecyclable layflat irrigation hose from California. The bags are handmade and sewn by women in Vietnam that are working to provide a better living for their families.

Thank you for your support in helping us create a sustainable market for material destined for the landfill and creating jobs and opportunities in places they are needed.